The coming of web based gaming has been a ponder improvement in gamer's lives all through the universe of...
Betform- betting platform based blockchain

Betform- betting platform based blockchain

The coming of web based gaming has been a ponder improvement in gamer's lives all through the universe of today. Gaming is an excellent thing that gives individuals the chance of procuring cash while having a ton of fun through betting. It is likewise fun movement that unites individuals, reinforcing fellowship and makes more love in the family. An amusement like club is an outstanding diversion being all inclusive received in gaming industry. 

Played for the sake of entertainment and also to bet. Then, things start to show signs of improvement in all repercussions as web is being presented practically in nearly everything today. Besides, as web is leading the pack in making life advantageous to live so as innovation has contributed massively through creation of cell phones. Arrangement of internet amusements are being designed in versatile variants from all aspects of the world in order to give individuals chance to include in web based gaming and wagering or betting. In the interim, arrangement of inconsistencies has been going on in gaming ventures, similar to high charging expense, untruthfulness and part more. Be that as it may, Betform is being produced to fledgling this deficiencies and convey security and truthfulness to gaming world.

Betform is a social betting platform powered by Smart Contracts. It is a peer to peer gaming platform which involve no middleman. It connect blockchain technology to the real world by providing decentralized gaming network. All of key operations such as winning paid out, and quarterly rewards are all regulated by Smart Contracts.

The Betform Initial Token sale will begin on January 8, 2019. There will be extra tokens offered as a bonus for users who commit earlier (early-bird bonus). 

Betform mission is to set up ourselves as a best decentralized social wagering stage that offer players extensive variety of multiplayers blockchain diversions at a greatest level of comfort, while holding fast to the most astounding security models in the environment. We can do this by interfacing blockchains, utilizing on the brilliant contracts, and installment channels, which works in a totally secure, momentary and minimal effort way.

Provably fair gaming

Betform uses a transparent way of generating the outcomes of its games. Our PRNG is tested and certified by a reputable test lab. Players can anytime access and verify all the card games history.

Fun and social

Unlike other online casinos, you are able to join your friends, invite your friends or even joining a table to make new friends when you play in our platform.

Transparency and security

Betform employs the state of the art technology to provide its users highly secure and efficient environment to play their favorite games. The operations are powered by smart contracts. Smart contracts would immediately pay out the winnings after each round of game ended.


Platform operation is regulated by licensing jurisdiction.
Token name : BFC
Token price : 1 BFC = USD 0.10
Total supply   : 240,000,000
Hard cap      : USD 9,600,000
Presale         : October 2018
Open sale     : January 2019

Which crypto currencies do you accept and is there minimum token purchase?
buy token only accept in ETH for the token sale, the ERC20 wallet you send ETH from is the wallet that your Betform coins will be sent to. You will lose your Ether contribution if you send your ETH contribution from exchange wallet address. There is a minimum purchase amount of 500 Betform Coins per purchase.

why must betform

Betform is produced to present electronic installment in gaming world as a stage being based on blockchain innovation; digital money would be utilized as a methods for installment in putting of wagering giving gamers chance to procure with no physical exchange. 

Betform gives gamers chance to acquire more through its low charges on winning dissimilar to other stage. It is just create 3% pay on rewards and this expense (pay) is intended for the stage's fuelling, brilliant contracts gas and server charges, and additionally gambling club authorizing charge. The expense is likewise focus as pay to top pioneers in the Betform's initiative board to pull in more gamers to the stage. 

Betform is set to be extraordinary among its sets through an incredible thought of giving wonderful visual recreations like Big 2, in the middle of and Texas Poker on the stage making it a high-classed wagering stage. 

Betform grasped unadulterated straightforwardness with no cheats among players and stage activity. 

Its application is accessible on all forms of advanced cells and gadgets working frameworks.


The way that BETFORM is incorporated into the blockchain with the utilization of savvy contract in running the issues of the stage makes it remarkable with some exceptional highlights that will change the wagering business, for example, 

Straightforwardness: BETFORM is planned with the end goal that diversion results are created in a reasonable and straightforward technique where speculators can check and confirm the whole history of recreations played. 

security: with the inventive innovation of the blockchain utilized by BETFORM, there is an assurance for an anchored stage where speculators can play diversions as they want. 

Quick installment utilizing the smarty get: the procedures of wagering on BETFORM stage is with the end goal that the keen contract pays out the victor of any amusement instantly they get as far as possible of a specific round. 

ON BETFORM, there is space for the sake of entertainment and social collaboration where players can make new companions internationally utilizing the distributed stage. 

PLAYERS ARE NOT LIMITED: Unlike other existing stages where a few champs are normally prohibited for winning on different occasions, BETFORM does not confine individuals from playing and winning over and over.
A user friendly App: BETFORM is developing mobile Applications that will be ERC20 compatible where even new gamblers can store and access betform coin without stress.
Decentralize: in betting using BETFORM platform, users have freedom and the platform is very effective without delays because there no intermediaries intruding into the platform to interfere with the gambling processes.

The pre ICO finished effectively, and the primary deal is planned to start on the eighth day of January 2019 with a base buy of 500 BFC. The group is making arrangements for a delicate top of $1.5m and a hard top of $16.9m. The cost of the coin amid ICO is $0.10/BFC.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article, Hopefully some of the above reviews can give understanding to the reader. if you want to know more about this project please follow the link below about Betform :
Website  Facebook Twitter  Whitepaper

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Reduces risks, protects against scams, removes the need for third parties, increases transparency in the Charity / ICO / STO / Crowdfunding markets.

hello Today we are introducing a project called w12.

This block chain protocol creates decentralized infrastructure in which trust between the parties is not required protocols use blockchain technology to ensure transparency transaction, targeting smart contracts and oracles to ensure control over performing main expensive cards organization platform for opportunities.

Fundraising project without initial costs and special technical knowledge protocol w12 reduces risks and costs protects against fraud, creates transparency and trust between just a project and a token buyer smart contracts transfer funds project only upon reaching stages roadmap main markets for integration the security is a utility it crowdfunding charity.

as we know that in 2017 according to statistics 6 and 2 percent donkey lol… 
This is a blouse so what is the problem now w12 wants to decide. and he and longing fraud and highrisk transfers funds project at an early stage of absence protection mechanism and the whole investors and participants lackof charity projects transparency and high cost implementing charities and social projects what are the market and total decisions.
Need to build more responsible model of all generation 20 what w12 offers a certain system needed allowing to buy token and everything project with a refund guarantee If the project does not reach the specified stages of the roadmap further charity inspired by the potential of cryptocurrency and hope that this technology will help significantly improve the ways of collecting and distribution of funds for charity projects major charity market issues lack of transparency obsessive advertising charity high  administrative costs problem solving company w12.
Create an open decentralized structure in which everyone can track target spending thanks to the w12 protocol either side will be able to create a decentralized organization to the required format define her goals and set a road card each participant will be able to trace and monitor spending means and evaluate the positive rendering influences from their investments w12 protocol allows you to create one of three options to you every buyer such acts independently of and independently makes a decision accomplish organization goal or milestones roadmap goal achievement organizations or is it according to the roadmap confirmed by independent sharks randomly selected from w12 city and the third achievement of the road stages maps of the project is confirmed 51 percent vote buyers currents well, no voice is directly proportional the number of purchased tokens we see scheduled forecast 2018 W12 has already received the solution recognition to a number of international conferences now we'll see here how working project can see Here at such conferences MVP ready already achieved  22,500 ethers or 12 million dollars.

Now we can buy these tokens, Token's economy is tokens standard for financing projects with using protocol at w12 and decentralized organization not only w12 allows users buy talking other projects will register on the w12 platform here we are We see the conditions of additional bonuses at such conditions From October 1 to October 15, you can see the purchase amount from 15 to 30 from 1 to 15 October further Token w12 benefits in fuel quality and for centered network oracles alone are not required for rewards oracles for committing action will require to delay stand deposits on w12 for confirmation roadmap, transaction steps for online rewards.
Yes, by the way, the part that will be distributed to the command tokens exactly will be frozen for two years then there is not yet two years to affect somehow the course is on the part of the team not get a poet so it is also very big plus advantage all w12 purchase still need to become and all we get a premium expert account represent the right to receive only but hundreds of other projects run their just on the w12 platform further distribution.


built smart contracts that release ICO funds to the project only following the decision of its token buyers once the project meets its milestones. This solution improves returns, because it is protects token buyers from around 96% of projects that never reach any milestones.
Thank you for taking the time to read this article, Hopefully some of the above reviews can give understanding to the reader. if you want to know more about this project please follow the link below about W12 :

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Platio - Smart Banking EcosystemPowered by EOS technology

Platio - Smart Banking EcosystemPowered by EOS technology

hey guy's this a Platio is the all in one clever banking platform for encrypted property, fiat and shares. Backed by way of EOS's blockchain generation, the platform offers customers with a secure and handy way to control transactions among traditional and virtual finance. Users could make bills by using password through SEPA / SWIFT and debit card. Platio give a Smart Escrow will best difficulty your password once you acquire what you're buying. Smart deals ship crypto, fiat or inventory to the seller of the service or product best after the parameters of the deal are met and the consumer in reality gets the products or services that become promised.

why must pick Platio?

Traditional banks are very selective in the offerings they provide to cryptographic users of their current banking machine. They have now not accepted the digital age of cash, or how digital cash has grown. Fully compliant, regulatory and superior technologies deal with those clean-to-get entry to problems. Platio Ecosystem, makes use of asset token primarily based on EOS era and supports three asset instructions: cipher, fiat and stock. Specifically, Platio's purpose is to provide answers for cryptographic users as follows.

Through the Platio Smart Banking Ecosystem (Platio Ecosystem), with goal is to make cryptocurrency a widespread means of payment by increasing its utility. Our focus is to provide traditional financial services to the digital currencies community in a secure and compliant way. We believe that the global community needs a solution that takes the best features from both, new and traditional financial systems and gives the world economy an opportunity to embrace the growing digital economy.

The Platio Ecosystem might be based totally on a seamlessly operated cellular and web interface, where users will have all of the important facts and equipment at their fingertips to right away transact with crypto, fiat or stock. Platio’s platform could be constructed on EOS generation, capable of website hosting smooth, routine interactions of Platio’s multilayered surroundings. Our virtual management answer might be constructed into this strong infrastructure, and will paintings with crypto, fiat and stocks. The absence of harmonized global regulatory frameworks for the sale and use of cryptocurrency has impeded its adoption and the boom of worldwide markets in virtual assets.

The Function of blockchain

Platio builds a separate Sidechain based on EOS era and a pre-described set of smart contracts are supported. Platio Blockchain will ensure safe, fast and obvious inner business methods. The efficiency created via Blockchain will boom the organisation's output and assist cut transaction charges and processing time associated with traditional banking systems. All properties in Platio Ecosystem could be encrypted. Encrypted belongings can be used for inner transactions and smart contracts in the Platio Ecosystem.

NOW Private pre-sale LIVE !!!
and then raise funds 2 K euro for now, so hurry still have a chance to contribute.



1 PGAS = 0.0007 ETH 


Soft cap 
5000000 EUR

Hard cap
34500000 EUR


KYC & Whitelist

Restricted areas

Price in ICO 
0.1920 USD
Tokens for sale               258,375,000


Vlad Bunin as (founder and chief strategist) Vlad is a excessive impact government with 19 years of substantial enjoy in banking, insurance and airways industries, capable of be responsible for multi-million Euro budgets and allocate sources to exceed profit and income goals. As a Founder and Board Member of Hedge Capital Company, a successful monetary services provider, Vlad has implemented felony governance and financial management policies, has led hazard evaluation and strategic planning, asset control, price accounting and manage. In more current years, whilst retaining a robust involvement inside the budget, Vlad has also released and managed a successful commercial enterprise of integrated monetary software solutions for Banks, Payment Institutes and Broker Companies. The breadth of heritage across industries and exceptional analytical and interpersonal skills help him to function efficiently in both large scale and early level organize, more powerfull to have succes this project.  

Thank you for taking the time to read this article, Hopefully some of the above reviews can give understanding to the reader. if you want to know more about this project please follow the link below about Platio :

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FintruX- network machine of Loaning Multi Platform

FintruX- network machine of Loaning Multi Platform

FintruX- network machine of Loaning Multi Platform

Hi all pals, may at the moment all the pals it is able to get an excellent day. Well this time I will provide a little information approximately FintruX. Might any of you who're nonetheless burdened about the Fintrux. OK just FintruX is a p2p lending Global ecosystems. Currently FintruX is proud to announce that they have managed to accumulate $12 million for the duration of the pre sales. ICO task on the way to create a marketplace that peer to look landings in which customers can reap a loan of up to 6 digits (quite big additionally Yes men) with a short and relaxed method that helps you in creating the most relaxed loans.

How the heck were given off paintings?

How it works thru the network (multi-platform facet) which means that it will provide fee to all borrowers, creditors, guarantors. A lender will make a credit decision and choose the package this is given via one of the rating companies encompass groups scams, identification and credit is suggested. Filter criteria for the borrower based on the parameters of the investment available and immediately adapted to the right lender. Borrowers may be represented by using an agent of affiliate advertising. If you don’t recognize look at the photo beneath:

Secure mortgage borrowing at FintruX  ?

FintruX the use of credit score to neutralize the consummation of credit score danger you guys if kalianmeminjamkan of money. If some thing unwanted happens then they'll offer insurance to cowl losses. There are 4 stages of credit enhancement includes growing over-collateralization, a neighborhood 1/3-celebration guarantor, pass-collateralization as coverage, and FintruX remaining protection reserve (5% of the stored token for use as a the remaining option for loan default). Can see picture beneath:

The blessings are there?

There is manifestly a dong guys which include get admission to to Affordable Credit. Innovative market model, on-line delivery, automation of the manner, and the consummation of the credit permit debtors interest rates we offer are typically lower than the common fees charged by using mortgage unsecured P2P lending to other banks and traditional, not to mention credit card. Long-time period Loan Experience. They also provide a web utility procedure is fast and easy to apply and offers debtors access to direct aid and automation on line at some stage in the manner and for the financing. Their purpose is to form long term relationships with borrowers, facilitating their get right of entry to to a extensive variety of financial merchandise that meet their desires that keep to conform over time. They utilize on line records and era savvy to quick in shape dangers, credit rankings and unique parameters that have been decided through the lender in its decision to endorse the precise interest charge. Borrowers can examine options and at once adapted to the lender of their desire without affecting the credit score you men.

What if I want to invest?

To spend money on this company, you have to shop for them at some point of the FTX token public sales will come. Sales will start on January 7 and will last until 21 January (well I’ve Miss dong?) should still calm kok by trading via the market they already have.

You should buy tokens FTX using ETH, ETH 1 costs in keeping with 1500 tokens FTX. If you purchase a token FTX at the beginning of the sale, You could be able to acquire discounts starting from 10% to five%, so you should right now buy it if you need to invest in this enterprise with a cheaper fee.

Remember that you will not have the ability to participate in the sale if you come from nations which have banned Prime deals coins (like the United States, China and Canada).


-The Token Name: FINTRUX

Symbols: FTX

-PRE SALE ICO AT: 07 – 21.01.2018


-MAO ICO SOLD: 7 – 28.02.2018

-OVERALL a HARD CAP: seventy five million FTX (25 m USD)

Okay buddies all pretty a great deal for a primary Yes statistics about FintruX, if kalin would really like to realize greater records please hyperlink closer to the above, those links is a private cope with FintruX which includes extra specified records. Thanks for his go to.
Website Whitepaper
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TraDove- connects enterprise partners with its commercial enterprise social network

TraDove- connects enterprise partners with its commercial enterprise social network

This platform connects business partners with its commercial enterprise social community, like facebook and LinkedIn that connects friends and professionals the usage of blockchain technologis to similarly shorten the company customer & supplier discovery cycle, enhance B2B transparency, make bigger person accept as true with, and permit for company to enterprise precision advertising. Allow corporate buyers and sellers of products and services on its platform to find out every different greater effortlessly, together with the introduced trust that a person on the TraDove community will should verify their role as a representative for their commercial enterprise.
Token symbol: BBCoin
Hard cap: $52M ($36M presale, $16M public sale) for fifty% of total tokens
Conversion charge: 1 BBCoin = $0.16
Maximum market cap at ICO on a completely diluted basis: $104 million
Bonus shape: three Rounds (30%, 20%, 10%), January 1st – January tenth: 30%, January 11th – January twentieth: 20%, January 20th – January 30th: 10%. Additional 30% bonus for contributions above $forty eight,000.
Presale or white list: KYC required to participate.
ERC-20 Token: Yes
Countries excluded: USA (approved buyers allowed)
B2B Challenges

Restricted Transparency in B2B
Matching the proper shoppers and sellers is hard. Authenticated reviews are nonexistent and due diligence is complicated.
Difficult Buyer & Seller Discovery
Traditional methods for looking consumers and dealers– e mail, smartphone– are slow, inefficient, and may take weeks or maybe months.
Lack of Targeted B2B Advertising
Unlike Google Adwords in consumer marketing, B2B advertising and marketing systems are limited and rudimentary.
Limited Trust In International Trade
International trade lacks full agree with. Local banking can be inconvenient. Sending cash inside and out of a few international locations can be inefficient and highly-priced.
Our Approach

Create B2B Transparency
Utilize social community capabilities consisting of endorsements and references to authenticate customers and reduce due diligence time and effort.
Facilitate Buyer/Seller Interaction
Implement AI technologies to optimize the matching of buyers and dealers based on commercial enterprise targets and user profiles.
Precision B2B Advertising
Targeted product & provider marketing based totally on enterprise profiles and unique wishes. Sellers also can present shoppers with incentives to view B2B classified ads.
Disrupt B2B Payment Solutions
BBCoin will also be used as a payment device for relied on B2B transaction, specially worldwide exchange. Companies can eliminate neighborhood banking strain and enjoy ease & low price of charge to ship money inside and out of countries.
Remain longing for the fulfillment of the platform. With the help of Blockchain generation, I assume they will create the largest social community for B2B Businesses If u need greater examine or Join ICO Visits beneath hyperlinks:

Website : https://bbcoin.Tradove.Com/
telegram : https://t.Me/joinchat/FjaFC1Ic8HzVqSvHL7puYg

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