Platio - Smart Banking EcosystemPowered by EOS technology

hey guy's this a Platio is the all in one clever banking platform for encrypted property, fiat and shares. Backed by way of EOS's blockchain generation, the platform offers customers with a secure and handy way to control transactions among traditional and virtual finance. Users could make bills by using password through SEPA / SWIFT and debit card. Platio give a Smart Escrow will best difficulty your password once you acquire what you're buying. Smart deals ship crypto, fiat or inventory to the seller of the service or product best after the parameters of the deal are met and the consumer in reality gets the products or services that become promised.

why must pick Platio?

Traditional banks are very selective in the offerings they provide to cryptographic users of their current banking machine. They have now not accepted the digital age of cash, or how digital cash has grown. Fully compliant, regulatory and superior technologies deal with those clean-to-get entry to problems. Platio Ecosystem, makes use of asset token primarily based on EOS era and supports three asset instructions: cipher, fiat and stock. Specifically, Platio's purpose is to provide answers for cryptographic users as follows.

Through the Platio Smart Banking Ecosystem (Platio Ecosystem), with goal is to make cryptocurrency a widespread means of payment by increasing its utility. Our focus is to provide traditional financial services to the digital currencies community in a secure and compliant way. We believe that the global community needs a solution that takes the best features from both, new and traditional financial systems and gives the world economy an opportunity to embrace the growing digital economy.

The Platio Ecosystem might be based totally on a seamlessly operated cellular and web interface, where users will have all of the important facts and equipment at their fingertips to right away transact with crypto, fiat or stock. Platio’s platform could be constructed on EOS generation, capable of website hosting smooth, routine interactions of Platio’s multilayered surroundings. Our virtual management answer might be constructed into this strong infrastructure, and will paintings with crypto, fiat and stocks. The absence of harmonized global regulatory frameworks for the sale and use of cryptocurrency has impeded its adoption and the boom of worldwide markets in virtual assets.

The Function of blockchain

Platio builds a separate Sidechain based on EOS era and a pre-described set of smart contracts are supported. Platio Blockchain will ensure safe, fast and obvious inner business methods. The efficiency created via Blockchain will boom the organisation's output and assist cut transaction charges and processing time associated with traditional banking systems. All properties in Platio Ecosystem could be encrypted. Encrypted belongings can be used for inner transactions and smart contracts in the Platio Ecosystem.

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1 PGAS = 0.0007 ETH 


Soft cap 
5000000 EUR

Hard cap
34500000 EUR


KYC & Whitelist

Restricted areas

Price in ICO 
0.1920 USD
Tokens for sale               258,375,000


Vlad Bunin as (founder and chief strategist) Vlad is a excessive impact government with 19 years of substantial enjoy in banking, insurance and airways industries, capable of be responsible for multi-million Euro budgets and allocate sources to exceed profit and income goals. As a Founder and Board Member of Hedge Capital Company, a successful monetary services provider, Vlad has implemented felony governance and financial management policies, has led hazard evaluation and strategic planning, asset control, price accounting and manage. In more current years, whilst retaining a robust involvement inside the budget, Vlad has also released and managed a successful commercial enterprise of integrated monetary software solutions for Banks, Payment Institutes and Broker Companies. The breadth of heritage across industries and exceptional analytical and interpersonal skills help him to function efficiently in both large scale and early level organize, more powerfull to have succes this project.  

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Platio - Smart Banking EcosystemPowered by EOS technology