Betform- betting platform based blockchain

The coming of web based gaming has been a ponder improvement in gamer's lives all through the universe of today. Gaming is an excellent thing that gives individuals the chance of procuring cash while having a ton of fun through betting. It is likewise fun movement that unites individuals, reinforcing fellowship and makes more love in the family. An amusement like club is an outstanding diversion being all inclusive received in gaming industry. 

Played for the sake of entertainment and also to bet. Then, things start to show signs of improvement in all repercussions as web is being presented practically in nearly everything today. Besides, as web is leading the pack in making life advantageous to live so as innovation has contributed massively through creation of cell phones. Arrangement of internet amusements are being designed in versatile variants from all aspects of the world in order to give individuals chance to include in web based gaming and wagering or betting. In the interim, arrangement of inconsistencies has been going on in gaming ventures, similar to high charging expense, untruthfulness and part more. Be that as it may, Betform is being produced to fledgling this deficiencies and convey security and truthfulness to gaming world.

Betform is a social betting platform powered by Smart Contracts. It is a peer to peer gaming platform which involve no middleman. It connect blockchain technology to the real world by providing decentralized gaming network. All of key operations such as winning paid out, and quarterly rewards are all regulated by Smart Contracts.

The Betform Initial Token sale will begin on January 8, 2019. There will be extra tokens offered as a bonus for users who commit earlier (early-bird bonus). 

Betform mission is to set up ourselves as a best decentralized social wagering stage that offer players extensive variety of multiplayers blockchain diversions at a greatest level of comfort, while holding fast to the most astounding security models in the environment. We can do this by interfacing blockchains, utilizing on the brilliant contracts, and installment channels, which works in a totally secure, momentary and minimal effort way.

Provably fair gaming

Betform uses a transparent way of generating the outcomes of its games. Our PRNG is tested and certified by a reputable test lab. Players can anytime access and verify all the card games history.

Fun and social

Unlike other online casinos, you are able to join your friends, invite your friends or even joining a table to make new friends when you play in our platform.

Transparency and security

Betform employs the state of the art technology to provide its users highly secure and efficient environment to play their favorite games. The operations are powered by smart contracts. Smart contracts would immediately pay out the winnings after each round of game ended.


Platform operation is regulated by licensing jurisdiction.
Token name : BFC
Token price : 1 BFC = USD 0.10
Total supply   : 240,000,000
Hard cap      : USD 9,600,000
Presale         : October 2018
Open sale     : January 2019

Which crypto currencies do you accept and is there minimum token purchase?
buy token only accept in ETH for the token sale, the ERC20 wallet you send ETH from is the wallet that your Betform coins will be sent to. You will lose your Ether contribution if you send your ETH contribution from exchange wallet address. There is a minimum purchase amount of 500 Betform Coins per purchase.

why must betform

Betform is produced to present electronic installment in gaming world as a stage being based on blockchain innovation; digital money would be utilized as a methods for installment in putting of wagering giving gamers chance to procure with no physical exchange. 

Betform gives gamers chance to acquire more through its low charges on winning dissimilar to other stage. It is just create 3% pay on rewards and this expense (pay) is intended for the stage's fuelling, brilliant contracts gas and server charges, and additionally gambling club authorizing charge. The expense is likewise focus as pay to top pioneers in the Betform's initiative board to pull in more gamers to the stage. 

Betform is set to be extraordinary among its sets through an incredible thought of giving wonderful visual recreations like Big 2, in the middle of and Texas Poker on the stage making it a high-classed wagering stage. 

Betform grasped unadulterated straightforwardness with no cheats among players and stage activity. 

Its application is accessible on all forms of advanced cells and gadgets working frameworks.


The way that BETFORM is incorporated into the blockchain with the utilization of savvy contract in running the issues of the stage makes it remarkable with some exceptional highlights that will change the wagering business, for example, 

Straightforwardness: BETFORM is planned with the end goal that diversion results are created in a reasonable and straightforward technique where speculators can check and confirm the whole history of recreations played. 

security: with the inventive innovation of the blockchain utilized by BETFORM, there is an assurance for an anchored stage where speculators can play diversions as they want. 

Quick installment utilizing the smarty get: the procedures of wagering on BETFORM stage is with the end goal that the keen contract pays out the victor of any amusement instantly they get as far as possible of a specific round. 

ON BETFORM, there is space for the sake of entertainment and social collaboration where players can make new companions internationally utilizing the distributed stage. 

PLAYERS ARE NOT LIMITED: Unlike other existing stages where a few champs are normally prohibited for winning on different occasions, BETFORM does not confine individuals from playing and winning over and over.
A user friendly App: BETFORM is developing mobile Applications that will be ERC20 compatible where even new gamblers can store and access betform coin without stress.
Decentralize: in betting using BETFORM platform, users have freedom and the platform is very effective without delays because there no intermediaries intruding into the platform to interfere with the gambling processes.

The pre ICO finished effectively, and the primary deal is planned to start on the eighth day of January 2019 with a base buy of 500 BFC. The group is making arrangements for a delicate top of $1.5m and a hard top of $16.9m. The cost of the coin amid ICO is $0.10/BFC.

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Betform- betting platform based blockchain