Reduces risks, protects against scams, removes the need for third parties, increases transparency in the Charity / ICO / STO / Crowdfunding markets.

hello Today we are introducing a project called w12.

This block chain protocol creates decentralized infrastructure in which trust between the parties is not required protocols use blockchain technology to ensure transparency transaction, targeting smart contracts and oracles to ensure control over performing main expensive cards organization platform for opportunities.

Fundraising project without initial costs and special technical knowledge protocol w12 reduces risks and costs protects against fraud, creates transparency and trust between just a project and a token buyer smart contracts transfer funds project only upon reaching stages roadmap main markets for integration the security is a utility it crowdfunding charity.

as we know that in 2017 according to statistics 6 and 2 percent donkey lol… 
This is a blouse so what is the problem now w12 wants to decide. and he and longing fraud and highrisk transfers funds project at an early stage of absence protection mechanism and the whole investors and participants lackof charity projects transparency and high cost implementing charities and social projects what are the market and total decisions.
Need to build more responsible model of all generation 20 what w12 offers a certain system needed allowing to buy token and everything project with a refund guarantee If the project does not reach the specified stages of the roadmap further charity inspired by the potential of cryptocurrency and hope that this technology will help significantly improve the ways of collecting and distribution of funds for charity projects major charity market issues lack of transparency obsessive advertising charity high  administrative costs problem solving company w12.
Create an open decentralized structure in which everyone can track target spending thanks to the w12 protocol either side will be able to create a decentralized organization to the required format define her goals and set a road card each participant will be able to trace and monitor spending means and evaluate the positive rendering influences from their investments w12 protocol allows you to create one of three options to you every buyer such acts independently of and independently makes a decision accomplish organization goal or milestones roadmap goal achievement organizations or is it according to the roadmap confirmed by independent sharks randomly selected from w12 city and the third achievement of the road stages maps of the project is confirmed 51 percent vote buyers currents well, no voice is directly proportional the number of purchased tokens we see scheduled forecast 2018 W12 has already received the solution recognition to a number of international conferences now we'll see here how working project can see Here at such conferences MVP ready already achieved  22,500 ethers or 12 million dollars.

Now we can buy these tokens, Token's economy is tokens standard for financing projects with using protocol at w12 and decentralized organization not only w12 allows users buy talking other projects will register on the w12 platform here we are We see the conditions of additional bonuses at such conditions From October 1 to October 15, you can see the purchase amount from 15 to 30 from 1 to 15 October further Token w12 benefits in fuel quality and for centered network oracles alone are not required for rewards oracles for committing action will require to delay stand deposits on w12 for confirmation roadmap, transaction steps for online rewards.
Yes, by the way, the part that will be distributed to the command tokens exactly will be frozen for two years then there is not yet two years to affect somehow the course is on the part of the team not get a poet so it is also very big plus advantage all w12 purchase still need to become and all we get a premium expert account represent the right to receive only but hundreds of other projects run their just on the w12 platform further distribution.


built smart contracts that release ICO funds to the project only following the decision of its token buyers once the project meets its milestones. This solution improves returns, because it is protects token buyers from around 96% of projects that never reach any milestones.
Thank you for taking the time to read this article, Hopefully some of the above reviews can give understanding to the reader. if you want to know more about this project please follow the link below about W12 :

author : sentbit